19 March 2007

Belts / Girdles

Belts / Girdles, originally uploaded by Jane Stockton.

These are the Elizabethan belts I've made. The large tassle ones is based on images from the Civitates Orbis Terrarum, the fringe one from various images on monuments from churches and the plain one also on church monuments.

I've gone looking for the image that I based the big tassles on and I can't find it!! I know I based it on a period image, and I could've sworn it was the COT, but I can't find the image now. Damn and blast! It will drive me mad until I do.


Looks good Laren! I've got a silk-imitation cloth belt with plain ends myself. Haven't used it much though.

I'll be awaiting photos of these belts on the proper outfits as well :)

Ah lovely. I love the real belts. And like Lia, I'd love to see them on the outfits!

Will do, but the problem is I'd die of heat stroke if I put the full outfit on at the moment!! Also, getting someone else to take a photo can be a bit of a challenge.

But I will get some shots, now that I've got the whole outfit sorted out.


Is it this one?

If you look closely, the woman seems to have a long tasseled belt in front.


Could be, but I was sure it was an English image. But I will file this one away just in case!! ;-)

Thanks for posting it for me.