22 April 2007

Fair and More Sewing

I weakened and decided to have another look at the fair on Sunday before gathering. What a mistake! I've seen school fetes with more stalls and things of interest. Total, total rip off. Never again. The sad thing is there were heaps of people their, so if someone did decide to do a proper job of it, there would be an audience. I just hope this guy hasn't wrecked it for everyone else.

On a more positive note, I finally got around to starting to put the stripes on the sleeves of my brown coat. It is basically the same style as the green one, but with long sleeves, decorated with diagonal stripes. I won't be using boning in the sleeves of this one. I think this will be my sunday garb - keep it in the car and use it when it gets cold!! If I make a matching hat, I could be in garb with very little effort. I got one sleeve done, but ran out of black wool trim. So I am going to have to make some more. I love when I get craft cross over - time to break out the quilting rotary cutter.

Cleo, originally uploaded by Jane Stockton.

I came home this afternoon and couldn't find Cleo. After a little searching, I found her snuggled up in my green coat, underneath some tracing paper. She looked very comfy.