15 June 2007

Pharaoh Update

Well, the good news is it looks like I didn't poison him. But I'm going to be way more careful with the chemicals anyway!!

The vet then thought it was either a bad middle ear infection or a stroke. So he booked in a neurologist to come and check out the stroke theory. This was the situation as of last night.

This morning I rang up and the news was a bit better. He was considerably grumpier and nasty, trying to scratch and bite. While this is bad for the nurses, it indicates to me a return to normal behaviour when at the vets. They were able to get him out and have a walk around, his movement was improved, he could walk without falling over. So odds are it's the middle ear infection, not the stroke. So now they can't get near him and therefore there isn't much else that can be done except to take him home, keep dosing him up on antibiotics and watch and see how he goes.

I have bought some nice cakes and a box of chocolates for the nurses and vets to apologise for the biting and scratching. So I can't wait to pick him up. I'm sure he will be upset with me for a while, but I can live with that.


Isn't it hard when the furrbabies get sick? I am glad that he is better, and I hope he continues to improve at a fast pace.

I keep my fingers crossed for your Pharaoh