1 June 2007

Spider, Spider

Spider, originally uploaded by Jane Stockton.

I'd been sitting on the couch six inches away from this little beauty for about half and hour before I noticed him.

I don't think they are poisonous, and he's not a white tail, so your bits don't blow up like a balloon if he bites, but they do have a nasty ability of being able to jump 6ft across a room, and land right next to your head when you are lying on the couch watching TV (which happened to my Dad).

So I grabbed a plastic container and took him outside and let him go.

My apologies to the arachnaphobes.

I added this one for scale. He actually looked bigger in real life, and I'm not particularly scared of spiders, so not exagerating due to being freaked out.

Spider, originally uploaded by Jane Stockton.


I got the heeby jeebies when I saw that spider! I had one that big outside my kitchen window. But luckily mine was OUTSIDE!!!

Well, I´m just happy to live in Europe ;-) Emily