28 July 2007

Meet Tink

P1020365, originally uploaded by Jane Stockton.

This little guy showed up at my back door a couple of mornings ago. He is very cute, very friendly and very glad to have found me I think. I've put a box with a blanket in the small ante room at the back of the house. I can't bring him inside. My cats took one look at him and went ballistic. But he is so friendly, purrs as soon as you pat him. I saw him swatting at a bit of dead grass trying to play. It looked pathetic. So I grabbed one of my cats many unused toys and gave it to him. He played with it for hours.

I have printed out some Found posters, which I have put down at the local shops and I've made some smaller flyers for a letter box drop. I will get some out tonight if it's not too dark when I get home.


Maybe white and gray tabbies are always purrful. My cat, Sugar, is a white and gray tabby too, and she loves nothing better than to be petted, and purr.