4 August 2007

Art of Knitting - Block 1

I went over town today to do some shopping. It started out OK, but after a couple of hours I was really depressed and agitated. I think it's the winter light. The midmorning winter light has this really post-apocalyptic feel to it. I know that sounds weird, too many 1970's end of the world movies as a child I suppose. Anyway, I couldn't wait to get home. But as it moved more towards midday, it was feeling a bit better. I'm sure if it had been overcast it wouldn't have worried me as much.

Anyway, I bought the first part of a new weekly project series called the Art of Knitting. This is the project from the first week of the Art of Knitting series. It's a magazine project kit that you get weekly from the newsagent. Part one had two balls of yarn (acrylic) and knitting needles to do this first block. I am still deciding if I will sign up for the full series. It;s about 90 parts. If I sign up within 10 days, you get lots of free gifts. I have been wanting to improve my knitting skills, and this might be one way to do it. However, the instructions in the booklet aren't the best. So I am still thinking about it.

Art of Knitting - Block 1, originally uploaded by Jane Stockton.