8 August 2007

Rose Slip @ 10 Hours Work

Rose Slip @ 10 Hours Work, originally uploaded by Jane Stockton.

Got the black silk thread from China, so I started doing some outlining last night. It really does make a difference. Now I can start on the flower! Yeah, colour!


Very beautiful work! I love the deep colors of the greens. Can't wait to see the rose take shape, too. I'm starting to miss my needlepoint, I've been so focused on XS. This Fall I have to get back to it, too!

Hi, was surfing the net and came across your page on the Warwick shirt... had to say that is such a beautiful shirt and well done you such perseverance and patience.

Thanks for putting it on the web to inspire folks like me... stares at the pile of unfinished knitting in studio.....