2 August 2007

Vogart 141 - Two "Work-time" Aprons with "Play-time" Charm

Just got a new Vogart transfer pattern in the post from the USA. I am so going to make the heart apron! I'm not sure what material to use. I am obsessed with linen at the moment, but to be accurate, this type of thing would most likely be made from cotton. Only problem is, the only white cotton I have at the moment is fairly light weight and I want to start stitching NOW!


oh, that heart apron is going to be nice. I'm in the mood to make an apron as well.

Oh, that heart apron is cute! You see those aprons occasionally in antique shops here (the U.S.) - nearly always cotton but in all weights from sheeting to organdy - so the weight of your cotton shouldn't be an issue. Me, personally, I'd go for the organdy in an embroidered apron, because I wouldn't wear it for "work-time" anyway, I spill stuff. A lot. ;)