21 September 2007

Pharaoh Drinking

Pharaoh Drinking, originally uploaded by Jane Stockton.

He loves to drink running water. Normally, he uses his water fountain, but sometimes he still likes to play in the bath with the shower head.

Pharaoh - Cute Cat, originally uploaded by Jane Stockton.

This is my boy playing in the water. He doesn't like baths but he is a bit of a water baby. He is standing in the water coming out of the shower head.


Oh! Pharaoh looks like my Pickles! I've been told that my Mr. P has some Maine Coon in him, and that Maine Coons like water a lot. My Mr. P likes to drink from the bathtub, sinks, anywhere where it's dripping.
Thanks for showing us a pic!

he sure is a pretty baby!