22 October 2007

Back of Slip with Linen Backing

This image shows the back of the slip glued to the linen backing material. The backing material stabilises the whole of the embroidery and also helps to stop the edges from fraying.

I cut the slips out properly and pinned them to the black velveteen that I will be using for the finished bed hanging. I tried taking photos, but none of them came out very good.


Ah - at last things are becoming clear. The trick with the glue and the linen backing makes a lot of sense.

They are looking quite stunning, and once you add a gold outline they'll be quite magnificent!


Yeah, it did sound a bit confusing. But it works really well.

The outlining is looking good. But it will definately need two rows. I hope I have enough gold.


Question: Why place linen on the back of the slip?? Is there a special technique for couching on velvet?