19 October 2007

Experiements with Glue

As part of the slips project, I have to apply the slips I am currently embroidering to a base fabric. I will be using velvet. My reading suggests that the slips were often glued to a fine linen to add stability during the construction process (stop fraying, give something additional to sew on etc). However, I am having difficulty working out what sort of glue to use.

I would think in Elizabethan times, some sort of animal-product based glue was used. Since these no longer exist, I have thought of a few alternatives:

Spray On Adhesive - this would give good coverage, but I'm not sure how useful it would be in adding stability. I am also worried about the potential corrosiveness of the chemicals in this type of glue.

PVA Craft Glue - I tried this one last night. It didn't cause the colours in embroidery thread to run which is good. It did produce a very stiff slip, but that might not be such a bad thing. Did well in stabilizing the loose linen threads of the base canvas. Con is that once the glue is applied, these is no going back.

Fray Stop - I tried this last night. No colour run, good edge stabilization but no good ad adhering the embroidery to the linen backing - but since it's not glue, that isn't surprising. Con is that the stuff soaks all the way through the thread and takes away from the sheen of the thread.

Fabric Glue - I don't have any of this but I will pick some up on the weekend and do an experiment. I need to start getting the slips applied in order to get them finished on time.

I also started thinking about what sort of thread to use for the gold outlining. The imitation Japanese gold is nice and shiny, but it isn't very thick. I have some nice gold twist that is more substantial, but not as shiny. Another thing I will have to look for on the weekend.

Green Silk
Sometimes I am a bit slow. I've been waiting for the green silk from China. It struck me today that I have several skeins of Eterna that might do the job. I will check when I get home.


If you're having to compromise on authenticity, Kreinik has a lot of metallics, including braid of various thicknesses.

I can't remember what some of the other cross stitchers prefer for their metallics. :/

Gold outlining - #5 or 6 smooth passing.