13 October 2007


Got up early this morning, and actually wanted to clean. The place is a mess but I've been a bit sick to clean it up. Got in and had most of it done by lunchtime. Also got all the washing done and put away. Vacumning done. Had a leisurely lunch and relaxing afternoon.

The day started with a bit of cat focused excitement. I was in the bathroom and I could hear the "Come rescue me" meow from Pharaoh. Quick look around the house, couldn't see him. Looked out at the cat cage, still couldn't see him. Noticed a flick of grey near the back door. Go to back door and open it. See cute, but scared face looking up at me. I opened the door and Pharaoh shot right in. When I checked outside, a pailing had come off the fence that backs onto the cage and he had obviously gone for a wander. Luckily, because they get taken for walks around the house on the lead and occassionally visit the houses on either side, he knew how to find the back door.

He stuck close by me the rest of the day, I think he freaked himself out a little bit. I'm glad it was him though and not Bubba. She'd have kept going until she freaked out and I may never have seen her again.


Im glad he came back! Mine would have just kept on going!!