16 November 2007

Dear Poms, Please Read (And Everyone Else As Well!)

Looks like the The Textile Conservation Centre (TCC) is under threat. It was established as an independant charitable trust in 1975. Based in Hampton Court Place from 1975-1999. Merged with the University of Southampton in 1998 and moved to a custom-designed building on Winchester School of Art campus in 1999. It does alot of great work both restoring and conserving historical textiles and training people on how to do it. If you are British citizen, please consider signing the petition to keep the centre open. If you aren't from the UK, consider spreading the word to those who can by posting information on your blog or linking to this post.

Non-UK citizens can still send feedback to the Dept of Culture, Media and Sport.


Ex-pat Pom reporting confirmation of petition signature. Thanks for the heads-up.

And further to my own comment... I've forwarded your message to LiveJournal. A lot of the Drachenwald needleworkers hang out there.