21 November 2007

Details On Mounting The Silk

Machteld asked about the silk claws I used for the silk banner painting. I used these claws from an Australian online store called Silksational. From the packaging they seem to be of German manufacture (I'd have to check at home for the exact brand). You attach elastic bands to the claws and then attach these to the frame.

There is some information on the process on the website of the Barony of Southron Gaard. Of interest is how they attached the silk to the frame. Instead of using the specialist claws, they just used saftey pins, which would work out cheaper but would be a little bit more time consuming.

I've asked the nice lady at Silksational about using the steam set dyes. These give stronger colour and more supple fabric, but I would have to build a steaming box for the banners and that is a bit beyond my abilities. So I might have to stick with the hobbiest level stuff for the moment.


Safety pins - what an excellent idea. We're looking at doing some of these here Up North over the next few months so I'll have to remember that one. Thanks!


Silksational seems like a wonderful shop, too bad it's on the other side of the globe (for me)