7 December 2007

Elizabethan Patterns

Elizabethan Patterns, originally uploaded by Jane Stockton.

I've been pretty quiet recently. I've been on a health kick which means I don't have much energy by the time I get home of a night added to which the weather isn't very conducive to sewing.

But I have been shopping. This arrived yesterday from Kass McGann, some great patterns and 6m of lovely scarlet wool flannel.

I got the Elizabethan Feminine Doublet, 1690s-1710s Mantua and went halvies in Netherlandish Working Women's Outfit. The Mantua is out of my period but I just love the look of it. I think I might use it for a mundane coat. We got the Netherlandish patterns to make for Festival next year. The site isn't good for long clothes and these just look so cool and practical.


Health kicks are good! In the long run, it means more time to stitch.

Do let me know how you find Kass' pattern for the Netherlandish clothing. I've been working in that quarter myself, though I normally prefer to draft my own. However, I find her notes are usually pretty good, and it might be worth adding to my collection if they work up nicely.


Femke de Roas