11 February 2008

Pharaoh Is Sick Again

I've been up since 1am with Pharaoh. He was off a bit yesterday and then last night he got worse. He hasn't been putting weight on, in fact he's getting skinnier by the day even though he is eating almost non-stop. It's like he is starving, he is always hungry.

So I took him to the vets as soon as they opened this morning - two options - exploratory surgery or put him to sleep. I've already spent a fortune, so what is a bit more? The vet said I could pay in installments. Anyway, they are just waiting for all the food he ate during the night to settle. Then we see. If it's cancer, they may be able to operate. Or it could be an enzyme problem, which might be controllable with drugs. I just want the little bugger to get better.


You don't know me--I read your blog because I also enjoy blackwork--but I have cats and know how stressful a pet's illness can be. I'm thinking of you and wishing you and your pet the best.