19 February 2008

R.I.P Pharaoh

pharaoh1, originally uploaded by Jane Stockton.

Pharaoh didn't make it. I had to put him to sleep Sunday. He was a great cat. Here he is striking his model pose!! Cute photos of Pharaoh as a kitten - http://www.webcon.net.au/pharaoh/


I'm so sorry for your loss. :( It's so hard to lose a pet.

Oh, honey. I am so sorry. We buried my big grey tomcat after I moved to Georgia. I miss my kitties so much (they're still back in TN with the husband).


*hugs* I am so sorry to hear that. He was a gorgeous looking cat, and I am sure you will miss him lots.

(oh it is Alessandra by the way!)

So difficult I know...hope you are comforted by kind words.

I am so sorry for your loss. Pharoah was a gorgeous cat, very regal. Losing a pet is very difficult but just remember the good times and he will always be with you.

Oh, I'm so sorry...he was gorgeous! I'm sure you miss him terribly.

I am very sorry to read this :(
*many hugs*

Oh, the "model" pose looks like a Sphinx! I'm so sorry he won't be around any more; it's hard to lose a pet.


What a lovely looking cat! So sorry to read of your loss.

Hi, Ive just visited your site after a long time away and read about the sad loss of your lovely Pharoah.

I had to do the same to my first Birman (who was 12) when he became sick with an unexplained illness which I later discovered was probably lymphatic cancer.

Its heartbreaking to let them go, but even moreso to see them suffer.