17 April 2008

Cleopatra "Helping" with the Embroidery

I was putting the embroidery on the bed to get a photo. Cleopatra was helping.

I haven't got any embroidery going at the moment so I did a few half square triangles for my 1930's quilt. I also spent all of the today getting my car checked for a road worthy. And just for fun I found out that someone had racked up $1500 on my credit cards which means I now don't have them money to pay to register my car, which also needs to have rust fixed before I can get a pink slip. Fun!


Yes, cats sure do like to help

oh bother those people that steal credit card numbers. I had it happen earlier this year.

At least you have a cat that was obviously an embroiderer in a past life.
(One of mine sits on my embroidery every chance she gets - she's jealous of all the attention it gets)