19 May 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy

I haven't been posting but I have been busy. Been working on:

  • 1930's quilt - made the bias for the vines. Have tacked and sewed the first section on. Working up faster than I thought. I may actually get this to quilting stage within the next couple of weeks depending on how long it takes me to sew the 120 leaves on! I've also been working on the half square triangle borders.
  • Banners - done a few more hours on three of the banners. FYI, the banners are the full width of fabric (112cm) wide and about 1.5-1.8m high.
  • Demo - we had a demo at the Shakespeare Festival at Gloucester. Nice weather, a bit warm but we were as popular as ever. The fighters put on a good show and worked hard as there were only 4 of them for three sessions.
  • Family History - working on websites for various branches of the family. Hooked up with a couple of hard core researchers, managed to share some good info.