21 July 2008

Sea of Tranquility

This is Block 4.

Went shopping at Spotlight before going to weekly gathering. I wanted to pick up some knitting needles. I've got this great 1950's hat booklet I want to make a hat from. The pattern I like has a hole at the top, I thought it would make a nice headband. The only problem is that the yarn and needles are pattern specific so I had to get a range of needle to get the right size and gauge. Luckily, they were on special for $2 a pair. So I stocked up and got 6 pairs. But I forgot to buy the 12 ply yarn!!


this is fabulous! i'm not much of a quilter myself so i appreciate the work you've put into this. my quilts always turn out horribly crooked...
greetz, Arda