26 August 2008

National Library of Australia - Newspapers Beta

The National Library is undertaking a beta project to digitize a number of historic newspapers. The site is very impressive, easy to use and allows user interaction in correcting errors. A small price to pay when you can find information on ancestors.

The site is: http://ndpbeta.nla.gov.au/ndp/del/home

Here is one I found about my great grandfather, Henry Vincent Canet:

"The Argus, 5 June 1925


Buyer Under Age

'An unusual case was heard at the Fitzroy Court on Thursday, when Henry Canet, of the Blue Bell Cycle Works, Brunswick street, Fitzroy, was charged with having, on or about May 6, sold two air rifles to a person under the age of 38 years. Mr. D. Grant, P.M., and Mr. A. Rosen, J.P., were on the bench.

George Buchanan Robertson, schoolboy, said:- My brother and I visited Canet's shop and asked for two Daisy air guns. He asked us whether we had our parents permission, and sent us back for a note. We obtained a note and gave it to him, and he let us have the two guns. We paid 8/6 each for them.

Mr. J. Carroll, who appeared for Canet, said that his client had acted in ignorance of the regulations. He had expected to find the regulation in the Firearms Act, but had found it in the latest amended Police Offences Act. He thought that many shopkeepers were ignorant of this regulation.

Mr. Grant said that he believed that Canet had acted in ignorance of the law. A fine of 40/ was imposed."

In his defence, he did at least ask them for a note from their parents!


Good to see another history buff!! I have a similar project you may be interested in: www.nambour-chronicle.com Here, I'm archiving the Nambour Chronicle & North Coast Advertiser first published in 1903. Have you ever heard of it?


Yep, I've heard of it. My grandfather used to live up Nambour way.

Don't suppose you are doing the Northern Star (Lismore)??