11 August 2008

Stockton's Embroidry Shop Open!

In an attempt to purchase the new Hardwick Hall embroidery book, I am going to (hopefully) sell some of my blackwork and wool embroidery. The wool items are one offs and the blackwork is made to order. Shameless begging - please link to the site!! Please let me know if there is any info you think I should include to make people more likely to buy!


wow very nice, good luck with the shop :-)

I love the embroidered shirt you're wearing!

Congratulations.. Good Luck

Congratulations on opening a business. Do you have a website for your embroidery business? We have found having a website brings a lot of traffic to the store. Our website is not fancy but you can see it at:


Lovely embroidery - as always! You might want to add the band measurement (head-size) for the caul.

Susana Narvaez