17 November 2008

World of Warcraft

I decided to have a guilt free bludge weekend. So I fired up WoW for the first time. Doing this the same weekend as a release of a new expansion probably wasn't the best idea. I couldn't get onto any of the Oceania realms, so I logged into one of the American ones. It worked OK, no lag time and my computer copped with it as well. All those hours of Diablo payed off as I was able to work out how to play. I don't think it's as much fun by myself. I might have to investigate doing some party quests. I quite enjoyed it though, I just didn't feel like doing anything that required brain power. I couldn't even sit down to scrapping or playing with my Bind It All.


Ah, I LOVE WOW, but expansion weekend is crazy. The cities on the main continents are empty tho! :) (once you get on a server that is).