29 January 2009

This Is Why I Pay for Foxtel

So the ad came on the other day, the biggest event in Sci Fi channel history. So I started to pay attention. The event? - the first 12 eps of Battlestar Galactica in a mini-marathon followed by a direct from the US (well, only a few hours delay) of the first ep of the second half of the final season!!! And I can't watch it, I have to go to a BBQ!!! But at least they are doing it. They haven't played Season 3 yet, but they know their audience and realise most people who are interested in the show probably already have it on DVD. So they are going to give us almost immediate viewing of the last half of the final season. No six months of having to avoid spoilers or waiting for the DVD to come out. Yes, I pay for Foxtel, but better than trying to deal with Channel 10 who can't have the show on the same time and day more than two weeks in a row and then just stop showing it altogether. Or who decide to put Season 2 on a week before the DVD comes out!! Who then put it on HD so most people won't even have the chance to watch it!!


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