11 February 2009


If you want to purchase the amazing picture of David Tree sharing his water with Sam, phone the Herald Sun Shop on 1300 306 107. All proceeds will go to the CFA.

The CFA is the Country Fire Association, this is the VOLUNTEER force who are doing most of the fire fighting. So this is a REALLY good cause, and you get a great photo.

NOTE: That is an Australian number.

Here is the website for photo purchases. I'm sure if you ask about the Koala getting a drink, they will know which one you mean!


The thing to remember is that while cute, koala's have a nasty temper and normally don't like humans. It just goes to show how desparate this little one was to just sit there and be touched. Also, they don't normally drink water (they get it from the leaves they eat) and this little girl drank three bottles of water!!

I've seen video of this as well, and you get the feeling that being able to help this little beast really gave a boost to the people fighting the fires. Moments after this was taken, they had to rush away to fight for someones house but Sam was picked up by wildlife carers and is now on the road to recovery.