2 June 2009


I cut and folded the quires (pages) for my bookbinding project last night. They are now being pressed under the largest and heaviest of my embroidery books!

I finally have some thick linen thread, so tonight I will make a template for the covers and start cutting them out. It's a long weekend this week, so I should be able to get most of them made up and maybe even start on a couple of the other books I want to do. This means they will be done in time from for the Royal visit the week after next.

I was going to do some embroidery this week but I gave myself eye strain on the weekend. As a result I had a splitting, nausea headache all Sunday. So I am giving the computer (I got my main toon to lvl 70 in WoW) and any fine needlework a miss for a few days.