15 July 2009

Preparing for Tocal

Tocal Token Tourney is our big dress up event. So this week I started getting some stuff done in preparation. I took my blackwork shirt apart and washed it. Last night I sewed it back together. My ruff and cuff set are currently soaking. Tonight I will get them out and try and get them looking nice. I am going to try using some spray starch and hair dryer to get the unwrinkly.

I also took my black dress apart. I knew that I'd lost some weight but I didn't realise how much until I grabbed the front of it the last time I wore it and was able to get whole handful of loose fabric. So I've taken the bodice off from the skirt. It shouldn't take long to take it in, as long as I don't have to deconstruct too much, hopefully it will just be a matter of resewing the front edges and no messing with side seams. I also want to add a couple of shoulder rolls, as the silouette isn't quite right.

I also need to fix my arch brimmed hat. The crown got wreaked, but I have a spare, so it should just be a matter of swapping crowns out.

And finally, I am going to make a leather pouch for the winner of the tourney. If the past is anything to go by, nothing has been organised yet.


how did it go?