31 August 2009

This Is Spot

Spot, originally uploaded by Jane Stockton.

When I looked up from making my breakfast on Sunday, this is what looked back at me. He's sitting on top of my BBQ. Meowing very loudly. His name is Spot, well, that is what I call him. I think he lives around the corner. He's well feed and healthy. He's not the cutest cat in the world, but it's hard to resist a cat who only wants pats. He started coming around a while ago. Very tentative at first. Now as soon as he spots me, he starts demanding pats! It's hard to resist. And not only is he pretty ugly, but as soon as you start patting, he gets really happy and starts drooling like you wouldn't believe!! It's actually easier to change after patting him than to try and keep dry. So on the weekends, he comes to visit and usally gets a pat or two or three.


He is lovely, and you are right it is awefully hard to ignore a cat that just wants pats...


He's NOT ugly! Just, different. And my daughters cat drools when you pet him too... I never knew any other cat to do that. Not bad unless he wipes his chin on my face.

You're right, he's not ugly, he has character! ;-)