30 September 2009

Spring War Preparations

My summer internal alarm clock is kicking in. Today was my lay day from the gym but I still woke up at 6.30am. So instead of sleeping in, I decided to get up and do some prep work for Spring War. I got all of the covers cut out from my exemplar books. I should be able to get at least half to a useful stage by the time my collegia is on on Saturday. It might be useful if some of them are only half constructed as this will let people see "inside" the construction. I will also cut and kit up some spares to be working on and use to demonstrate bits and pieces in the class. Gotta love a technique that can be done anywhere!

I also need to get the pages cut and hole punched for my freebie giveaways for the class. I already have the covers cut out. Also need to cut out buttons.

I will also do some of the quick and dirty vade mecums to sell. I'm thinking about $10 should be about right.