16 September 2011

More Thread Ordered

So, I finally got around to ordering some more flat silk thread for the presentation piece my friend and I are working on. It's for a recent king, who happens to have come from our Barony. We had some pretty severe limitations on the design - could only be black, red and yellow. With a Celtic feel. He supplied a pattern, which we then adapted. The finished piece will be two cuffs. The first one is done and it looks pretty awesome. I did the silk work and my friend, Leoba, did the goldwork. We had a small delay due to a car through a bedroom! So once I get the silk, I can start working on the second cuff. It should only take me a couple of weeks to get it done. It looks fancy but its really quick to work up, just basic satin stitch, though working with the flat silk can be a challenge. I can't post pictures until it is done, though, sorry!


I'm sorry to hear about the car, but looking forward to the pics!