6 March 2012

Disappearing Nine Patch - Awesome!

Do you ever have one of those moments where you just discover the best thing and wondering why it took you so long? I had one of those moments yesterday. I had lots of great feedback on what to do with my left over Nine Patch Strips. One of the suggestions was to work up the spares using the Disappearing Nine Patch technique. It was such an inspiration I went home and worked up a heap of blocks so I could play with them (not using the left over strips of course, that would be too sensible!). Anyway, I made up eight 12 1/2" blocks using pink and green. I've been wanting to do something in this combo for a while, to use up some of the large number of pink fabrics I've managed to collect. An example is just below:


For those not familiar with the technique, you make nine patch blocks and then cut them in four sections. Then you can play. Here is the layout that I first saw the idea used in. A great way to get a sashed quilt without messing with sashing and setting squares! 


Or another block, which I think I will use these demo blocks for, is this one: 


So, eight blocks isn't quite enough to work with. So I might do another eight tonight, as they only took about an hour all up to do.


I really love this block. I do a lot of charity quilts and have seen it many times but not put together as nicely as yours, using just a couple of colours looks soooo nice.


Thanks for the lovely comment. I'm still working on putting those blocks together. I am so in love with this technique. It's great for beginners, as they work with the super easy nine patch but get a really interesting block out of it will minimal effort and skill required.