23 May 2012

Charity Quilts

A couple of months ago, when I was reinfected with the quilting bug, I went through my stash and pulled out the fabric I knew I would never use. I then put out a call on my online quilting group, Southern Cross Quilters, for anyone who might be able to use the fabric for a charity project. I had a number of takers and sent the parcels out. In addition to fabric, some spare blocks from various swaps were also included. There was nothing wrong with the blocks, but they were just colours and patterns that I have trouble working with. Recently I was sent a photo of some of the finished quilts made from the stuff I'd sent.

So majors pats on the back to Jeannie for the wonderful things she created. As you can see, Jeannie had no trouble making some great quilts out of the blocks I sent. The quilts will be sent to hospitals to be given to sick kids. Quilters are AWESOME!!

See the blue, orange and yellow one? I loved each of the blocks, but I'd never have come up with such a great combo!! So if you have fabric you know you will never use, think about donating it to a group who will be able to make something beautiful from it. Since my Fugly Fabric was apparently really fugly, I will be sending all of that off as well.