5 April 2013

Unexpected Renovations

I was unexpectedly thrown from blogging for a while. My Dad called me a few weeks ago and only gave me a couple of days notice that he wanted to redo my lounge room floor. We have been talking about doing it for ages. It looks nice (see below) but the boards were all rotten and Dad had gone through it in a couple of places.

So with the help of my nephew, we started on the floor. We had the old floor up in about an hour.

As someone on Instagram commented, it's easy to forget how close to the dirt we live! 

In order to save both time and money, instead of individual floor boards or a floating floor, we just put down the chipboard sheets and then varnished them. We were hoping for a more golden colour, but I can live with it.

It only took about 5 mins to varnish the floor. Then hours to wait for it to dry. While the room was empty, I decided to paint it as well. As you can see the previous colour was not what I hoped when I first put it on!
I did the painting at night after work. I managed to get two coats on the first night, but it definately needed another one. Again, lots of drying time. During which time I basically I lived in my bedroom. So not alot of chance for quilting or sewing.

A certain feline just couldn't help themselves. Four pristine walls and one pay print!!! I had to do another coat anyway.

This is the finished room. I really like it. Tossing up whether to paint the boxes on the wall?

Everything back together. I am most pleased. Not bad for basically a weekend and under $600.