12 August 2013

Blue and White Twister Cat Quilt Finished

I made this using the large Twister template. I made it for my friends cat! Hey, I needed a quick win.
The first stage is to sew the various squares together. I went for simple light/dark alternating pattern. Then you line up the template and cut. Then they are realigned and sewn together in rows. It really is a very quick technique and easy for learners. Very forgiving.
 Because this was a cat quilt, I wanted to use some of my batting scraps rather than use "new" stuff. I have some quite wide offcuts from bigger projects, so I only needed to sew two pieces together. So I squared up the batting to get straight sides. Then just ran them through the machine using a zigzag. It sits very flat.
Once it's sewn I spray based it. Very quick way to do it.

Then once it was done I did a very simple straight line quilting using my walking foot, 1/4 inch on each side of the main seam and then across the squares created by that quilting.

And here is the finished product! It measures about 25" square (only a guesstimate, I forgot to measure!!)
And here it is ready to be given to the slave of said cat!