30 September 2003

Blackwork Caul

Well, did some more on the blackwork caul I just started. Adam was a sweetie and went to the craft shop yesterday at lunch time and picked me up 5 packets of Madeira black silk. I got another three hours or so done on it. I have started to properly record how much time I am spending on things. I downloaded a cross-stitchers rotation sheet to keep track of time. The picture to the side shows the caul after about three and a half hours work.

I have just finished cutting out the top for my bridesmaids outfit. So tonight I will do a fitting and it should be done by tonight (with a bit of luck). I am going to start making a corset. Depending on how it goes, I might try and do the rest of the Elizabethan outfit by the weekend. But I don't think I will have time.