24 September 2003

Finally - Stitching Again

First off, Dani, I hope you are feeling better! I know what you mean about cats, we have two fur babies and whenever my other half gets a headache or isn't feeling well, he always ends up with a cat or two keeping him company on the bed. We have two, Pharaoh (long haired domestic tabby, male) and Cleopatra (short haired, ginger, girl). They both have personalities, but totally different ones. And she is younger and smaller and picks on the boy something fierce!

As far as stitching goes, I finally did some, the first in a week. I had to put the air con because my hands were sweating so much, I couldn't stitch. I have put a sample swatch of fabric on the hoop. Its called Eureka and its from Spice Blends range from Stitches and Spice. Its a lovely mottled gold colour. Its about a 3" x 4" bit. So I have divided it in half. I am doing the same pattern on both sides, a flower I found at an online shop (in their free pattern section). I am doing it in two completely different sets of colours, the first is a raspberry pink, lime green and deep purple. The other is a rusty red, khaki green and brown. I think both colour ways will go great with the fabric (which is 32 count linen). I am using Eterna stranded silks. I will make something out of it when I am done, a pin cushion or something. Not enough progress yet to post a picture.

On another front, I just go back from Spotlight (our verison of Jo Anns) with all the little bits I need to start making my bridesmaid outfit. I will start early tommorrow. With a bit of luck it will only take me a couple of days to make.