19 September 2003


I didn't post yesterday because I had to drive two hours into the bush to help my Dad gyprock the house he is building. We go back early this morning about 9am. I haven't done any stitching but I plan to start doing some tomorrow.

I bought a couple of Billy Bragg CD's that I didn't have yet, and really liked this one song. I thought it would be something that would inspire the designers out there. A bit of background to the lyrics. Billy Bragg usually does his own songs, but was asked to work on a project to add music to the words of Woody Guthrie. So the following words are lyrics written by Woody Guthrie:

They hang like grapes on vines that shine
And warm the lovers glass like friendly wine
So, I'd give this world
just to dream a dream with you
On our bed of California stars

From "Mermaid Avenue" Billy Bragg and Wilco (Lyrics by Woodie Guthrie).