14 September 2003

Research Brickwalls

Sometimes, I really wish I was rich. Yeah, I know, most people do. But all I want is to be able to buy books (and articles) whenever I want. At the moment I am working on research for my next big project. An Icelandic laid and couched work design. Now, I thought I had it all worked out, colours, materials etc. But I have just run across what I think is most likely a better source that contradicts some of the things that the first souce told me. Nothing major, but enough to be annoying. Annoying for two reasons, one I just bought the thread yesterday, now I find out its the wrong colour and two, because I will probably never be able to get my hands on the more authorative source and get a definitive answer one way or the other. Hence, wanting to be rich and buy books whenever I want.