13 September 2003

Retail Therapy

Well, I finally got started last night on the last bit of my LoG pouch. The only embroidery that remains to be done is to put the gold thread around the tent stitch slips that have been attached the red velvet ground. It took me about an hour to do one star, so two more stars to do and the big stag in the middle and it will be done. All I have to do is put the pouch together.

This morning I got in a bit of retail therapy. I went to Spotlight and picked up some yellow felt for my goldwork course. Some white felt for the album cover I have to do, some black wool for the voided Scandinavian hanging I am planning, also got some red drill for my banner. Picked up some Medici wool for the hanging and some just to play around with. Got the tassels for the pouch and some new needles. That should give me enough supplies to keep me going for a while (or at least my holidays!!)

Operation Super Soaker continues, I got the cat again last night. I have now put food dye in the water. With a bit of luck the owners might decide to not let the cat wander the streets at night when it comes home with rose pink stripes.