18 September 2003

Waste Not, Want Not

I get the feeling that I won't be getting any stitching done until next week. I don't have any projects on the frame at the moment and I don't see myself having the time to put any on between now and next week. Bummer.

On a side note, there is a relatively new hand-dyed fabric company just started up called Stitches and Spice. My favourite range is Spice Sensations! I was at the Maitland Craft Show in March (this is a really big regional show) this year and this was the first show they did. Even though I don't do any cross stitch and had no use for it at the time (and still don't) I bought a couple of pieces of their dyed linen, because it was just so gorgeous. Anyway, I signed up for their newsletter, which has been arriving regularly ever since. Every now and then when a new colour or range is introduced, they include a generous swatch of about 3". So I have a couple of these now, including a pale yellow/sand coloured one. Instead of just sitting there doing nothing, I was thinking I should stitch a small motif into it and make it into a pin cushion or scent bag? Only problem is, not being a cross stitcher, I don't have any idea where to look for patterns. I was thinking of a small tree or flower design. If you know of any free patterns, why not drop the URL into the comment box below and I will check it out.