31 October 2003

Art vs Craft

<RANT ON>This distinction/arguments has to be my biggest pet peeve ever (and for someone with as many opinions as me, that is saying something!). Without going into a feminist diatribe, why does anything done with a needle and thread, automatically get categorised as craft? Why does anything done with a paint brush get categorised as art? Why is art somehow better than craft?

How can anyone who sees some of the great pieces of historic needlework like the Robes of State of the Order of the Golden Fleece or the Coronation Mantle of Roger II of Sicily or any other that can be named, not consider these as works of art of the highest degree? While they are the product of craftsman they are also the work of artists!!!!! (Are you listening Su?). Art doesn't have to be on a grand scale or hanging on a museum wall, it can be the small works, products of years of skill and love.

Let's face it, a lot of what passes for art these days, in my considered opinion is crap! (A dead sheep, cut in half and stuck in a plastic container filled with formaldehyde is NOT art, it is intellectual pretense of the highest degree). Give me a honest, skillful, artistic bit of needlework any day!</RANT OFF>


..and then some people refer to an acquaintance or friend as the "artsy-fartsy type". Clearly there is no understanding of what goes into making an artistic piece.

I totally agree with your rant. No need to add more.