31 October 2003

When Embroidery Is Work

I am currently working on a family commission. When you show off your embroidery to everyone who walks in the door, the odds are that eventually, someone will ask you to do something. My Aunt has asked me to make an album cover for her daughters wedding album. I've had plenty of time to do it and had the design pretty much worked out in my head for a couple of months. When I had my leave recently, I had plenty of time to work on it, but not one or two of the materials I needed. Now I have the materials, but a lack of time and more significantly, a lack of motivation. There are so many other things I want to be working on, but I have this which has a deadline looming, so I have come to a standstill. Added to which, Adam has been sick this week which means I takes me about an hour more to get to work and an hour more getting home, then cooking tea and dealing with a sick man, so I'm not really motivated to do any needlework.

I have vowed to try and get most of it done this weekend. It shouldn't really take me that long, once I get started. Technically, I have started. I have marked out the petals of the Oriental Lily and started to stem stitch in the green bit at the base of the petal. Once that is done, I need to sew the felt padding to the silk ground. Then I will applique the petals over the padding. Once that is done, its just a matter of doing the pearl and gold thread border. I am also thinking of doing some diapering in gold thread if its looking a bit plain. Now back to work to pay for the embroidery habit.