13 October 2003

Nearly Done

This is the caul at 30 hours of work. I think another 3 or 4 should get all the embroidery done. I am still feeling pretty bad, the sore throat has developed into a nasty cough as well. I also did a bit more on my LOG pouch yesterday. I have now finished all the embroidery on that. When I finish the embroidery on the caul, I am having a make up day. I will be able to make the caul up, put the LOG pouch together and do the hem on my Assisi runner. That should be a good day, getting everything finished.

I am on my last week of holidays and I haven't gotten as much done as I wanted. But doing nothing is probably better for me anyway!! I tried again to make a bodice for a dress yesterday, another disaster, I REALLY don't like making clothes but doing it myself is the only way I am going to get my Elizabethan done.

The other two things I want to get done before my holidays are over is to get my Blackwork pillow marked up. That is going to be a long term project but I can only start doing it once its on the frame. The other thing to get marked up is my Icelandic cushion. The original is an altar hanging but I don't think I will have time to do that so I am making something smaller and more practical.

I am now off to list a heap of scrapbooking stuff on ebay. With a bit of luck I can work on some heraldry stuff as well today.