14 October 2003

Outwit, Outplay, Outlast

If you are a Survivor addict like me, you should recognize the above words. I was going to make a serparate Survivor blog (anyone out there want to make a group Survivor blog?), but I think its probably easier if I just put my thoughts here. I will make a note in the title if the post is Survivor related so those not interested can skip it. Be warned, there are spoilers relating to Week 3 below.

Firstly, I'm in Australia so we are a couple of weeks behind the USA. I makes life pretty hard trying to avoid spoilers, but it can be done. I won't worry about going over the first couple of weeks, except to say I think that the tone for the whole series was set in the opening sequences in the village. Even taking into account the advantage gained by Sandra's language skills, Drake just handled the situation so much better than Morgan, who were running around like chooks with the heads chopped off.

And last night, Week 3, Morgan continued there self-destructive ways. Firstly, why keep someone on the island when they don't want to be there? They seem to have this idea that Osten is this super strong athlete type. Well, that was pretty much disproved when he got beaten by the middle aged, over weight guy in a tie dye shirt and skirt!! Don't get me wrong, I love Rupert. I think he has much more strength of will than Osten, who seems to be one of those people who just cruises through life. I think Rupert has a bit more life experience and it showed in the challenge last night, which despite the obvious, was not about strength of body but strength of will. It wasn't even a fair contest.

Then, they vote off Lillian!! Yes, not the best in a physical challenge but they get rid of one of their hardest workers. I think the most telling comment of the night came from Armani Andrew. He still thinks they are in a strong position because they have suffered and that Drake will collapse in a heap the first time they loose a challenge! Talk about denial. He also thinks Drake have the same provisions and stuff as Morgan, boy are they in for a shock when (as if!!) they get to raid Drake after a reward challenge.

I think that after 6 survivors (I missed the 5th one because they aired a stupid Australian survivor instead, talk about a turkey, it bombed in the ratings, there was talk of sponsors suing Channel 9 because ratings were so poor!!), Morgan are going to go against the trend. Usually, the tribe that goes into the merge with the least numbers, loosing the first few challenages, actually ends up doing well, but I just can't see that happening this time. Morgan are already down to only 5 players with a possible merge weeks away. Even Jeff can't believe how bad they are doing.

Ads for next week look interesting. A possible thrown challenge? Reward or immunity? And the supposedly strong Osten nearly drowning??