20 November 2003


Gold and Pearls are now added to the lilies!! About half done with the pearls. I should be able to get them finished tonight. I got quite a bit done last night (once I actually picked up a needle). I was stitching while watching this documentary on Indian film. Quite interesting, mostly about what is happening now with a few historical examples. I quite like Indian film. It made me want to dig out my video of the Mahabharata that was on SBS years back. It's an international production of the the classic Indian epic (and when Indians do epics, they make War and Peace look like a comic!). The only issue that I had with it was that there were only about two Indian actors in it!!! But its a great video for a summer day, 13 hours worth!! I might see if it ever got released on video or DVD.

On another technical note, I am thinking of moving my domain to a new server. Alot cheaper and heaps more functionality. I will have to think about it.