11 December 2003

Back On Track

Well, I did 2 and a bit hours on my Icelandic Cushion. Things are now back on track. I got the centre motif outlined. All that remains now is the laid and couched background. Then I just have to put it together. I hope to start on that tonight.

On the scrapbooking front, I'd like to say thanks to everyone who congratulated me on my getting published. I can't put up an image of the layout to be published, but if you would like to see other examples of my work, visit my scrapbooking site: OzScrappin. If you go to the layouts page and look at "Edith Falls" and "Gunlom" you will get an idea of the one being published. Those are all from my Northern Territory trip. Be warned, see these photos and become obsessed with coming to Australia!!