25 December 2003

Christmas Day

Presents!! I got my bow from Adam. All I need now are the arrows!! He also bought me a surprise present, a really cool hamock chair. I need to get some bolts and chain to hang it up on the front verandah. The beauty of this one is that it takes down very easily, so I can just put it up when I want to use it. I just need a good book to read now! We had Christmas lunch at Adam's Mum and Dad's, a baked dinner. Luckily they have air con or it would've been a scorcher.

We then went around to Adam's brothers house for Christmas tea. They have a swimming pool, so we went swimming for the first time in about 10 years!! Its amazing, I live 2 blocks from one of the best beaches in the world and I never go swimming any more. I used to live at the beach! Anyway, we hung out there and had a dinner of cold meat and salad, which was really nice. Then we headed home.