9 December 2003

Finishing and Chilli

Linn asked about finishing projects. I don't think I have a fear of finishing projects. I think my problem is more an attitude of its nearly finished, it only needs a couple of hours work, so I can start a new project now and not fall behind. This results in the nearly finished project sitting there for months. I have a couple like this at the moment. I have a pouch that just needs to be sewn up and the cord put on. It's been at that stage litterally now for months. I plan on finishing it over the Christmas break as I tend to like to do things like that in one go. Where I can pick up and put down embroidery fairly easily, for straight sewing I like to get it all done in one go. I actually like finishing projects. That's why I took up embroidery again. My other hobbies quilting and scrapbooking involve either ongoing projects with no end or projects that take 3 or 4 years to do. I like the feeling of seeing something finished.

Christine I didn't use your exact recipe for the chilli but I did use a couple of the ingredients. You might want to try using a black beer in your basic meat chilli. The black beer (I use Guiness) adds a really rich flavour but all the alchohol burns out.