18 December 2003

I love the Post

Well, checked my PO BOX last night. I had a slip indicating a parcel!! Yeah, I had a pretty good idea what it was and very happy. Not so happy when I checked the slip a bit closer, I had a bit of a shock. It said I owed $100 for customs duty! Bugger. It was after 5pm so I couldn't pick it up anyway. I worked it out, they were actually overcharging me for the GST by $5 but I decided to pay it anyway cause I really wanted the package. So I gave Adam the money this morning and he picked it up for me. The package was a dress I had got via Ebay from Peacock Designs. Adam sent me a picture of it in the box at home!! I will post of pic of me wearing it tomorrow.

On the stitching front, I did a couple more hours on the cushion last night. Here it is at about 20 hours work: