19 December 2003

Changing My Mind

I try not to be indecisive, as its a trait I really distlike. However, I am being it right now. I went to buy the overlocker last night. I had decided that I really only needed the bottom of the range model. So I went in, listened to the salesman (who is also the owner and quite helpful) and he told me about each of the machines. In the end, I stuck with the cheapest one. Now I have changed my mind. The more expensive one was $200 with a few more features (easier threading - which on an overlocker is a big deal, rolled hem feature and detatchable arm). I bought a roller bag to store it in, cause there isn't much room in my sewing/craft/everything else room for it and I want to keep the dust etc off it. So I took it out of the box in the store and put it in the trolley bag (another reason I did this is cause it was easier to carry it on the bus this way). So when I rang this morning about swapping it, they were fine with it till I mentioned the box. They still said OK, but didn't sound as keen. The shop lady also mentioned that the trolley bag comes with the more expensive model, so in reality, its only costing me about $100 more. I'm really pleased they are still swapping it. I know this is a hassle for them but its nice to know customer service is still alive and well. If anyone talks to me about getting a new machine, I will definately be recommending them.

On the dress front, I tried it on when I got home, it fits pretty good. There were a couple of places it gapped a little bit but considering it was made on the other side of the world from measurements sent via email, I'm really pleased with it. It was really hot last night, so I didn't keep it on long enough to get a photo. I am off to leave positive feedback. I will get a photo up asap.

No stitching last night, too hot, too tired. I plan to get a bit done this weekend though.